Diversity + Inclusion Initiative

The University of Chicago is committed to the related ideals of diversity and inclusion, open discourse, and rigorous inquiry. Diversity of ideas, identities, and experiences inform and are necessary for intellectual exchange. We define this diversity broadly, including (but not limited to) race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, ability status, nationality, and politics. An enduring challenge is to achieve such diversity while creating an environment where individuals are welcomed, engaged, and heard in order to express our values in new ways that reflect the scholarly and societal questions of our times. Fulfilling our highest aspirations with respect to our core values will demand ongoing attention and work by each of us.

With such challenges in mind, we begin a University-wide initiative on diversity and inclusion. Executing these activities will rely on the full participation of our campus community. Each of us must gain the habits of mind, intellectual skills, curiosity, and empathy to learn about and from one another across our many differences. This initiative will be successful to the extent that each of us makes the personal commitment to see the University flourish in ways that respect and build upon our values and ideals.

We acknowledge the tremendous effort, expertise, and commitment of the faculty, staff, and students who are already making great strides, demonstrating ambitious leadership in implementing a range of crucial programs and activities.


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