Working Groups

Through the 2016 Climate Survey, we learned that there is wide variation in the campus experience for members of our community. Therefore, we will convene working groups to accelerate change on these issues, and will task them with identifying, developing, and proposing achievable, impactful, sustainable solutions to pressing challenges.

We will do this using human-centered design, a problem-solving approach that keeps people and stories at the center of our process, with the goal of arriving at the best possible solutions for our campus community — solutions that are based on your actual experiences at the University of Chicago. This approach has been used around the world, and we have engaged a team of experts to support the working groups and walk participants through all aspects of the process.

The first three working groups will focus on opportunities to improve the experience of select student populations, including student socioeconomic diversity, LGBTQ+ students, and students of color. Over time, more groups will be created to address other emergent needs.

We are currently accepting applications from all members of the University community to participate in this process. Prior to submitting an application, we encourage you to review the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, if you have not already done so. This context will be helpful as you craft your responses to the application questions.

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