Call for Proposals: Inclusive Climate

Harnessing the Creative Energy of the UChicago Community

This call for proposals is an invitation to members of the UChicago community to be actively engaged in bringing to life the priorities set by UChicago’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative. In fact, drawing on the energy and ideas of our community is a central premise of the initiative!

The D&I Initiative encompasses four central priorities: 1) providing an infrastructure to support diversity and inclusion; 2) fostering a climate that is inclusive of all on campus; 3) developing and supporting the people who comprise our institution; and 4) engaging in our surrounding communities.We invite you to submit a proposal. Special priority will go to proposals that support fuller participation of the University’s members in the academic, professional, and extracurricular life of the campus. In particular, this RFP aims to support individuals in improving campus climate for individuals and groups in your area of the University.

Grants will be offered at multiple funding levels, depending on the specifics of the proposal. Our goal is to have broad and diverse participation across campus. To spark your thinking, suggested funding levels and areas of emphasis are offered below. Successful proposals that are those that can be fully executed within 12 months of the award date.

The January 2018 funding window is now closed. We will accept new proposal submissions during Autumn Quarter 2019.

Get Involved (Grants up to $100)

These grants are great for those who want to get involved but do not know where to start.

Participate in “Hearing One Another”. “Hearing One Another” is a learning workshop developed by the Second Science Project—a partnership between Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership and professional improvisers at The Second City—that is being offered as part of the University’s new initiative on diversity and inclusion. “Hearing One Another” is best conducted in groups of 15 to 30. Learn more here, then gather a group and sign up. Food will be on us.

Learn something new. Engaging fully in the rich diversity of our campus requires us to challenge ourselves to learn about the experiences and perspectives of others. Find a growing list of recommended books, movies, and games on our website. Host a book club, movie, or game jam. Curate your own list or create a lending library. Don’t forget to tell us what you did so we can share with others.

Build your own. Suggest something you can do, on your own or with others, to engage with and advance the fascinating diversity of our campus. Be creative! If you think of something cool, we may spread your idea to other parts of campus.

Try Something-Learn Something (Grants up to $1,000)

These grants are ideal for departments and centers who want to change their local climate. Tell us about an initial effort you’d like to make, or try one of these ideas:

Shifting climate. While “Hearing One Another” is a great beginning, you might want to go deeper. Creating a diverse and inclusive environment requires curiosity, a willingness to learn, and discovering how members of our campus community may experience this campus in ways that differ from you. We will keep a growing list of ideas on our website. We encourage you to conduct workshops that engage your whole unit.

Host a contest. Competition can be healthy. Create a contest to challenge your colleagues to make the campus more inclusive.

Create local change. Creating an inclusive local environment can help improve the overall campus climate. Is there a new tradition, practice, or program that you want to implement? Remember to let us know the outcome so others can replicate.

Share Something Grants (Up to $5,000)

Would you like to inform dialogue and activities to improve the campus climate? Tell us about resources and opportunities you’d like to create, refine, or distribute. Or try reaching out with something like one of these ideas:

Teach or discuss. Could your scholarship, research, or expertise deepen other people’s knowledge about issues or groups identified in the climate survey as particularly at risk? Propose a way to inform others about what you know.

Leverage. Are you already working to increase diversity and inclusion in your local environment? Do you have a program or project that is underway? Would a few more resources help you get across the finish line, expand the impact, or share it with others? Apply here and make certain to tell us why it will be impactful and contribute to a more inclusive environment.

Pilot Something Grants (Up to $10,000)

Are you ready to take a research idea, program outline, or informal event to the next level in supporting inclusion? Tell us about the transformation or impact you are now prepared to make in our community—backed by evidence and models for scalability—or try ramping up change with something like one of these ideas:

Show us what you know. Does your center or program already have expertise in creating an inclusive environment? Do you have a program that you want to launch and have just been waiting to get it off the ground?

Conduct a study. Do you have a research idea or an experiment that you want to conduct that can make a more inclusive climate.

Be creative. Art, storytelling, media, music, making, technology, and games have all been used to cross cultures and share understanding. We invite you to use creativity to create a more inclusive climate.

Solve a problem. The Diversity and Inclusion Initiative is a solution-oriented approach. Have you identified a problem that prevents full inclusion of members of our campus community? Would a new program or project make a difference? Use data to define the problem and then tell us how you are going to solve it.


How to Apply

Apply online at the University of Chicago Funding Portal. University of Chicago users can log in directly with a CNetID or UCHADID. If you are a first time visitor to the portal and do not have a CNetID or UCHADID, you will need to sign up for an account. Once you have logged in, choose “View Funding” and search for “Diversity” to start your application. Once you have started an application, you will be able access it directly on your dashboard during future visits.

The January 2018 funding window is now closed. We will accept new proposal submissions during Autumn Quarter 2019.

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