To realize our institutional values, we must foster a climate that supports full participation of the University’s members in the academic and professional life of the campus.

Building Communication Skills

In the 2016 Climate Survey, individuals reported negative daily interactions and not feeling valued by their peers. These experiences are antithetical to the inclusive community we wish to create. As a starting point, we will address this issue by supporting skills such as communicating, listening, and working in diverse groups. Key partners include the Harry L. Davis Center for Leadership at Chicago Booth and The Second City.  Learn more>>

Inclusive Climate Grants Program

Members of our campus community have insights and ideas for making their local environments and our shared campus more inclusive and diverse. A small grants program, open to all members of the campus community, will be created for developing and implementing new ideas germane to those environments.  Learn more>>

Support for Inclusive Learning Environments

The University of Chicago is committed to a rigorous and distinctive education for all of its students. We will support UChicago educators in considering teaching practices that enable all students to engage fully in their academic pursuits. Educators can seek support for new approaches to inclusive teaching, increasing the diversity of authors in their syllabi, and considering new pedagogical practices. Learn more>>

Working Groups

Working groups will be convened to accelerate change on issues and concerns that we have identified. These groups will be tasked with proposing achievable, impactful, sustainable solutions to pressing campus challenges.  Learn more>>

Resource Groups

The University of Chicago Medicine and Biological Sciences Division (UCMBSD) has made significant strides in promoting institutional engagement through resource groups—dedicated support networks where members of our campus community come together around specific areas of shared interest. The University will partner with UCMBSD to support the continued growth and development of these resource groups, whose membership will be broadened in order to make them accessible to the University as a whole.  Learn more>>

Join the Initiative

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